x The BrainGate™ technology is an advancement that allows severely disabled individuals—including those with traumatic spinal cord injury and loss of limbs—to communicate and control common every daily functions literally through thought.  BrainGate™ and BrainGate™ related technologies are currently undergoing clinical trials at various academic and research institutes, as well as hospitals throughout the United States and Europe.

Below is a list of clinical trials associated with BrainGate, as well as those being developed throughout the larger community of Brain-Computer Interfaces:





BrainGate2: Brown University, Mass General Hospital, and the Veterans association (Massachusetts)


Neural Signals: Dr. Philip R. Kennedy (Georgia)

hippocampus mapping



Neural-Prosthesis: Dr. Theodore Berger, University of Southern California (California)




University of Tubingen: Dr. Niels Birbaumer (Germany)


Caltech Pine Lab: Dr. Jerry Pine (California)

DSO logo



US Defense Science Office: Dr. Geoffrey Ling (United States)


Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health (New York)


Johns Hopkins University Neuroengineering Lab (Maryland)


Nicolelis Lab, Duke University (North Carolina)

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Our company's core BrainGate™ technology is available through engineering and manufacturing partners:
Bionic®, Neural array microchips used in our core technology.
NeuroPort® system for human clinical trials.
Cerebus® system used for research and testing.
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