While BrainGate, Co. does not perform the surgery or actual clinical trials, through Cyberkinetics™, leading Universities, and hospitals, our intellectual property has been used in a number of patients through an FDA approved clinical trial. Below are a number of news reports that have focused on the BrainGate™ patients. These patients are all heroes, working with Cyberkinetics™ to advance the field, in the name of science and humanity.




Matt Nagle
Matt Nagle, the first person to ever be implanted with a BrainGate.

  Cathy Hutchinson, one of the participants of the BrainGate trial, was featured in 2008 on CBS’ 60 Minutes®

'60 Minutes': BrainGate: Movement controlled by mind
03:14 -  1 month ago cnettv.cnet.com
Cathy Hutchinson, a woman who has suffered a stroke which left her mentatlly sharp, but paralyzed and unable to speak, is among the first humans to have her brain directly ...


  BrainGate lets your brain control the computer
02:03 -  3 months ago veoh.com
BrainGate is a new technology where a Bionic® chip is implanted in the brain that picks up electrical impulses. A computer then interprets those impulses as actions.
x   Cathy's Brain Power
03:14 -  7 months ago cbsnews.com
Cathy Hutchinson is mentally sharp, but her body is paralyzed and she is unable to speak. She was one of the first to have her brain directly wired to a computer.
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