BrainGate, Inc. is a company with transformative neurotechnology that uses micro-electrodes implanted in the brain to let humans operate external devices such as computers or robotic arms with just their thought. Through years of advanced research, BrainGate, Inc. is at the forefront of enabling severely motor-impaired individuals with the ability to communicate, interact, and function through thought.

Access to the cutting-edge technology of BrainGate opens up incredible opportunities for engaging in new lines of research, building partnerships with other institutions in this space.

BrainGate, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tufts University.

The Stibel Dennett Consortium at Tufts is a cognitive research hub exploring the BrainGate technology and other advances in brain and cognitive sciences through educational programming, faculty support, and research.

For clinical trial information, please visit, an independent academic consortium:

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